1. Intro video played at the beginning to kick off the event

    For the majority of my teaching career at Texas State University, I have been focused on getting multiple disciplines to work together. My job as an interaction designer creates opportunities to work with cross-discipline teams of developers and designers. As a result, I wanted to find a way to replicate this team makeup for my students, so I came up with the ComDes + CS Hackathon in 2014. (more…)

  2. 4 iphone screens of the Musing app

    One of the problems with technology in museums is that it’s often nailed to the floor or stuck on a wall. Even if visitors can interact with the didactics, they most-likely can’t take the information home with them. This is a major problem for university galleries, where students need the information to write papers. With all of the mobile devices running around, wouldn’t it be nice to view all the artist information on your smartphone?  (more…)

  3. Bennu Coffee Sign

    Bennu Coffee is a small, family owned, coffee shop serving the East Austin community. Being one of only two 24 hour coffee shops in Austin, they have a thriving business catering to the University student study groups and anyone else looking to beat the Summer heat. They’ve also become an unofficial office for myself and other Texas State University faculty. (more…)

  4. three punch it out screens

    Punch It Out! is an iPhone application designed in collaboration with Andrew Donoho of Donoho Design Group, in Austin, Texas. Andrew’s original idea was to create an app that allows people who are constructing or remodeling a house to communicate with their contractors. The basic idea came from the humble punch-list: items that need to be corrected. (more…)

  5. Students walking in the Quad

    The University Galleries are a small, two gallery space located in the School of Art and Design at Texas State University–San Marcos. The Galleries suffer from a lack of visibility to the campus community because of its location in the far West campus. Many students simply do not know that the Galleries existed and what activities and exhibitions it offers. In order to remedy this, a campaign both online and physical was designed to announce an exhibition and direct visitors to the Galleries. (more…)

  6. DockbookMD iPad example

    DocbookMD is an iPhone, iPad and Android app, designed to allow physicians to communicate back and forth with each other about patient issues. Standard email is not allowed because of the lack of patient privacy, so DocbookMD provides a clean, efficient and highly secure HIPAA compliant model for sending information to, or ask questions of, other physicians. (more…)